Mr Miyagi Pre-Order information


For large collection orders overs £60. Please note during peak business hours, preparation times can become in excess of 60 minutes.

We strongly encourage customers with large orders and/or special occasions to pre-order your sushi as early as possible in the day (from 12pm) or even the day before if able.


This way we can prepare and guarantee your sushi to be freshly made, delicious and ready to be picked up at an exact time to suit you without delay. This can be done either by phoning us directly on 01227 454796


We will always do our best to accommodate any orders we receive at any time. However, to avoid long waits and for us to prioritize large orders so we may guarantee your sushi is prepared freshly, ready to collect punctually, at a time to suit you; 

Please pre-order your sushi as early as possible if you are able.


It makes everybody happier!


Any questions or if you are unsure about anything, please phone the shop as we are happy to clarify such and assist you if required. 

We greatly appreciate your custom here at Mr.Miyagis and hope you all stay safe and healthy during these times.

New Address: 2 orange street ct1 2ja