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Mister Miyagi's is the best sushi place in Canterbury serving fresh, handmade, delicious sushi.  We are  aiming to provide high quality as possible. Choose 

As its full name suggests, Mister Miyagi's Small Sushi Shop is not a restaurant.  We're more like a Japanese 'sushi ya' - a small shop with a bar selling sushi for take away.  If you wish to pre order just call us and we can make you a box to order, and we usually have some ready made for you to grab and go.


Finally, a note on ethical considerations.  We do care about the damage done by over-fishing.  This is one of the reasons our menu contains many non-fish items.  We do not consciously serve endangered species such as Unagi or Blue Fin Tuna, and we continually monitor the situation in this respect.

about Mister Miyagi's sushi restaurant

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